Friday, September 25, 2015

Layered Interior Lighting - What Is It?

Layered Interior Lighting
Layers of interior lighting can work together to illuminate an area according to function and style.

Ambient (top)
 – Provides overall illumination to the space.

Task (middle)
 – Provides auxiliary illumination, when needed, for specific tasks. Task  lighting should be free of glare and shadows but bright enough to avoid eye strain.

Accent (bottom)
– Provides a focal point of illumination that highlights products or features or adds drama to a space.

– Can help balance light or provide accent lighting in some applications.

The type of lamp, fixture and amount of light can vary significantly depending on
whether it is supplying ambient, task, accent or vertical lighting.

Lighting Fixtures Need To Be Considered

Light fixtures can deliver their light downward (called direct lighting), upward (indirect),
or a combination (direct/indirect).

Direct lighting typically uses reflectors to help direct light out of the fixture. A diffuser,  lens or louver also covers the face of the fixture to help guide the light and conceal the  lamp from view. Today’s designs for lenses and louvers are more efficient than  old-technology diffusers, which caused significant light loss.

Indirect lighting can make a space feel brighter with less light because it illuminates  the ceiling and tops of walls. When these surfaces are light-colored, little light is lost  resulting in even illumination. Indirect lighting works well with a task-ambient lighting  scheme. Indirect lighting or a direct/indirect combination also offers excellent glare  control and visual comfort.

Direct/indirect lighting combines both approaches. Fixtures can be specified to  provide a given percent of both direct and indirect lighting,

This information is provided by the Energy Trust Of Oregon. Aztec Electrical is a Trade Ally Contractor with the Energy Trust. We can help you receive rebates and incentives on your lighting and electrical projects.  #lightingdesign  #lighting

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