Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Comprehensive lighting design can maximize energy savings

Comprehensive lighting design can maximize energy savings
Comprehensive lighting design is critical to the design of new buildings and major  renovations, and it is increasingly used during lighting retrofits because it goes beyond simply replacing lamps or fixtures. Comprehensive lighting design looks holistically at the lighting in your building.

A lighting designer prepares a lighting layout and a technology and controls approach that factors in aesthetics, how lighting integrates with other building systems, light levels suitable to each application and location, uniformity of light, available daylight, glare, safety, total operating cost of the lighting system, the appropriate integration of lighting controls and more.

Comprehensive lighting design can maximize energy savings, at home or your office, and provide better comfort, health and productivity for occupants.

Think beyond first cost. With rising energy costs, the decisions you make today will affect operating costs for years. Because lighting is so visible, quality lighting influences the aesthetics of your business as well as comfort, productivity, health and safety, and profit. Today’s lighting technologies are extremely long lasting and can lower maintenance costs by drastically reducing the need to replace lamps.

Successful lighting design begins with assessing how occupants use a space and their resulting lighting needs. The lighting system should deliver the quantity and quality of  light according to those needs.

The quantity of light needed, measured in foot-candles, varies by task. For example,  lighting professionals recommend a lobby have 10 foot-candles, a classroom 40 and a  retail space 50.

Good lighting quality requires an experienced lighting professional who takes steps to maximize daylight, minimize glare, provide appropriate color quality and address other factors. The most energy-efficient light sources mounted in the best fixtures will not offer value if they are not applied correctly.

This information is provided by the Energy Trust Of Oregon. Aztec Electrical is a Trade Ally Contractor with the Energy Trust. We can help you receive rebates and incentives on your lighting and electrical projects.

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