Monday, August 10, 2015

Research: dimmable lights, done correctly, save energy

Research: dimmable lights, done correctly, save energy
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Recent studies estimate more than 800 million recessed downlights are in operation in the United States, split nearly equally between residential and commercial applications, with about 83% still using incandescent lamps. Inexpensive compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) downlights are commercially available, but most of these units are not dimmable, which is a desired attribute for many downlight applications. Therefore, energysaving CFLs often are overlooked in lieu of the functionality of incandescents.

Research: dimmable lights, done correctly, save energy

Bidwell Mansion Visitor Center,
Chico, CA

Installation of LED downlights in retrofit and new construction situations is almost identical to typical incandescent or CFL recessed downlights. The exception is that many LED downlight housings can be in direct contact with insulation. Replacement scenarios are generally one-to-one in retrofit applications. Equipment costs range from $100 to $300 depending on the manufacturer and distributor, but costs may  be offset by maintenance savings and utility rebates. 

  • The HALO LED recessed downlight is the first ENERGY STAR-rated LED downlight and exceeds the high efficacy requirements set by energy regulations
  • High color rendering and warm white color temperature: 80CRI at 3045K
  • Delivers light equivalent to many standard incandescent sources used in recessed downlight applications
  • Dimmable to 15% of total light output with standard AC incandescent dimmers, 5% with low-end trim adjustment
Article Source: UC Davis

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