Monday, August 24, 2015

LED Research: LED lighting enhances mood and environment

LED Research: LED lighting enhances mood and environment
For as long as we can recall,  #lightingdesign has focused its product placement, design, and marketing on fulfilling visual needs. In the more recent past, issues of sustainability and a need for more efficient energy sources has sparked a further interest in creating green lighting technologies, with LED technology of course at the forefront.

LED lighting technology has just bumped into an entirely new dimension of possibilities and benefits with the help of a study and other research in the field of human-centric lighting (HCL).

A recent study of Lighting Europe and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer's Association (ZVEI) and A.T. Kearney led to surpurising findings regarding the mass potential of LED lighting technology in the field of HCL and mood lighting which promises to gain a significant portion of the global LED illumination market by 2020.

Human-centric #LED mood lighting enhances well-being in two distinct but related ways:

#1 it can be optimized to effectively stimulate the organism biologically which leads to improved cognitive performance, which already proves itself in various educational settings such as classrooms.

#2 LED-based human centric lighting can emotionally stimulate by creating emotionally appealing and stimulating atmospheres, leading to improved positive emotions.

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