Friday, March 13, 2015

Lighting Retrofit Benefits

Lightinh Retrofit Benefits
A lighting retrofit is a simple way to make your building's lighting more energy efficient.

Over time, these energy savings can be significant enough to not only pay for the equipment, but may produce a return on investment.

Lighting retrofits improve the quality of light, and also result in less heat in the building envelope reducing HVAC run times.

Combine this with increased longevity of lamp life and possible utility incentives to help reduce project costs, and one can easily see the return of investments can be significant.

Rising electricity costs, environmental regulations and concerns about employee well being have businesses, consumers and government agencies looking for an energy strategy that will not only save money, but will add business value into the future. With lighting accounting for more than 25 percent of the energy used in most facilities, increased efficiency can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill.

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