Friday, November 21, 2014

Reduce Energy Costs: lighting maintenance services

Reduce Energy Costs: lighting maintenance services
At Aztec Electrical we provide industrial and commercial lighting maintenance services. Over the years as a commercial lighting company, Aztec Electrical has evolved to become a leader in lighting maintenance services in  commercial and industrial environments.These are some of the services we provide

Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance

    Let us take action to prevent lighting issues before they happen.

Group Relamping Services

    Take your existing lighting and make it look even better.

Fixture Replacement, Addition, and Relocation

    Make sure all areas are lighted properly and efficiently.

Parking Lot Lighting

    Keep your patrons safe and storefront noticeable with top-quality parking lot lights.

Exterior Building Lighting

    Lighting where you need it to keep your store and signage noticeable and safe.

Lighting Upgrades & Retro Fits

    Replace your old, power-hungry lighting to save power and money.

Emergency Lighting Service

    Bring back lost lighting quickly, easily, and with just one call.

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