Friday, October 24, 2014

Cash Incentives Available: energy efficiency

energy efficiency cash incentives
Because Aztec Electrical is a certified Trade Ally, we are qualified to assist you with doing the right actions to receive cash incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon. Below are a few examples, call us to learn how to apply for the incentives - or send us an email - click here

Each insulation incentive paid one time per home, regardless of ownership.
Qualifications for existing conditions may apply.
$0.25 per square foot: Attic/ceiling
$0.30 per square foot: Floor, wall, knee wall, rim joist
$0.50 per linear foot: Boiler pipe
50 percent of cost, up to $100: Ducts

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Comprehensive Home Assessment
$150 per home

$3.50 per square foot of windows installed, U-value 0.25 or less
$2.25 per square foot of windows installed, U-value 0.26–0.30

Seal Air Leaks: $150per home

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